A Visit to Fort Lauderdale’s Flamingo Gardens


I don’t remember how I first heard about Flamingo Gardens, the 60-acre botanical garden and Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary in Davie, Florida. Maybe I came across it on TripAdvisor while I was searching for things to do on my trip to Fort Lauderdale. I just remember deciding that it was one of the places I definitely had to visit. I’ve always enjoyed seeing photos of flamingos with their vibrant plumage and that habit of standing on one leg. I definitely wasn’t going to pass up and opportunity to see them in person.

I didn’t just go for the flamingos, though. The sanctuary is home to hundreds of animals who are either injured on otherwise unable to be released. These include otters, bobcats, a bear and panthers. Flamingo Gardens is also a refuge for more than 200 wading birds and birds of prey. If you like animals but want to ensure you’re supporting an ethical establishment, this is the place for you.

I began my visit with the 25-minute narrated tram tour through the wetlands area and tropical rainforest then took in one of the wildlife encounter shows. Then it was time to explore the sanctuary and find those flamingos.

Here’s some of what I saw that day.

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