Is Bequia Really The Perfect Caribbean Island?

Lonely Planet calls Bequia “the most perfect island in the whole Grenadines”. Fred Mawer described it as “almost perfect” in the Telegraph and just last month travel experts Kuoni named it as one of the top 20 best-kept travel secrets in the world.

Usually, I would write these off as hyperbole but having spent just a few hours there, I get it! Bequia ticked all the boxes for me.

Port Elizabeth, Bequia
Approaching Port Elizabeth, Bequia.

I love Barbados but I don’t love the lack of easy day trips or affordable weekend getaways.  When you have the travel bug like I do, travelling once or twice a year just won’t do but sometimes you just don’t want to go far or stay long.

St Vincent and the Grenadines has therefore always appealed to me. Not because I was particularly excited about the mainland but because of all the possibilities offered by Young Island, Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Union Island, Mayreau, Petit St Vincent and Palm Island.

I recently went to St Vincent with my friend and photographer Kishmar to cover FLOW Fashion Caribbean for my other blog.  I insisted we had to go Bequia on our final day since I had images of cute shops and uncrowded beaches dancing in my head.

Cobblestone Inn, Kingstown, St Vincent
Looking like a commercial during breakfast at Cobblestone Inn.

We started our day with a delicious breakfast at the Cobblestone Inn in Kingstown then hopped on the Bequia Express ferry for the hour-long ride to Bequia. At EC$45 per person return it’s not exactly cheap but I figured it would be worth it. Though it got a bit windy, the journey was quite smooth (and picturesque). As you near Bequia the views get extra gorgeous.

Bequia, Grenadines, boats
Which one should I buy?

The ferry docks in Port Elizabeth, the cutest little town set along the shore. There are several shops along Front Street and vendors on the street selling art, craft and food.

Front Street.
Bequia shops, Bequia, Front Street
Even the minimarts are gorgeous.
Bequia Pizza Hut, Port Elizabeth
Can all pizza places be as pretty as Bequia Pizza Hut?
Bequia Bookshop
Bequia Bookshop. I’ll stop by next time!

We wandered around a bit then decided to go in search of a good beach.

I told Kishmar Princess Margaret Beach was the most popular sandy stretch, especially for day-trippers but he wanted to ask around.  (No trust at all!) We asked the person who always knows in any Caribbean island: an old woman looking through her window. Guess what? She suggested Princess Margaret Beach.

With that confirmed, we followed the Belmont Walkway, passing various hotels, guesthouses, dive shops and restaurants and then continued onto the more rugged Coastal Trail.

Belmont Walkway, boardwalk, Bequia
To the beach we go along Belmont Walkway.
Bequia, belmont walkway, boardwalk
Daydreaming about staying forever…
Bequia Beach, grenadines
We made it!
Bequia, beach
Perfect for lazy days.

After some picture snapping, we went back onto the road then to another stretch of beach.

Cue stereotypical island lazing and more photos and it was time for lunch. We went back the way we came and then decided on The Whaleboner for lunch. I had a fresh tuna salad which counts among the best meals I’ve ever had and Kishmar had a tasty seafood pasta. The drinks were on point, there was free wi-fi and even a bookshelf of used books. My kinda place! (Note to self: I must return.)

Fresh tuna salad from The Whaleboner.

Soon it was time to get back on the ferry. We could’ve done more if we had taken the 8 a.m. ferry instead of the 10:30 but I was not disappointed at all.

I went to Bequia with high expectations and they were met and surpassed. When I return I’ll hop on one of those open-backed taxis, see more of the island and check out OldHegg Turtle Sanctuary. Then I’m going to eat the food, drink the drinks and chill like you’re supposed to do when you find the perfect island.

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