Photos to Inspire You To Visit Martinique

The French overseas region of Martinique may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a Caribbean trip, especially if you’re not from a French-speaking country. Despite its under-the-radar status, the island is the perfect blend of European and Caribbean. It offers up heritage experiences, outdoor attractions, some really unique hotels and of course, beaches.

Speaking of hotels, La Suite Villa is perfect if you love artistic, quirky decor. I was only there for a quick tour but I would love to wander around and take in all the details.

La Suite Villa, martiniqueLa Suite Villa, martinique La Suite Villa, martinique La Suite Villa, martinique

Definitely not typical Caribbean hotel decor! But that’s not all this post is about. Several other things in Martinique caught my eye, like the animals in the zoo.

Martinique zoo, pheasant martinique zoo, monkeys martinique zoo, racoons

And Jardin de Balata (Balata Gardens)…

Jardin de Balata, martinique  Jardin de Balata, martinique Jardin de Balata, martinique

Then there was that clear French influence: the controversial decapitated statue of Empress Josephine,  the Schoelcher Library which was shipped from Paris to Martinique in pieces, Balata Cathedral which is a replica of  Paris’ Basilica Montmartre and Le Musee de la Pagerie which contains Josephine’s childhood bed.

empress josephine, martinique Schoelcher Library, martinique basilica balata, martinique Musee de la pagerie

Yes, Martinique is not just pretty to look at; there’s a wealth of information to be gleaned as you visit its attractions. If it wasn’t on your must-visit list before, add it now!

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