Tampa Bay CityPASS: Is It Worth the Money?

As I did my research for my trip to Tampa, Florida, the CityPASS kept popping up. Now we all know that very often we come across deals that aren’t really deals. On the surface, it appears that you’re saving money but when you actually do the math, that isn’t the case. The Tampa Bay CityPASS does not fall into that category.

The pass gives you access to Busch Gardens, Lowry Park Zoo, the Florida Aquarium, Clearwater Marine Aquarium and the Museum of Science and Industry or Chihuly Collection.

It costs US$107 for adults and $97 for children. If adult tickets for each attraction were purchased separately online they would cost a bit more.

The beauty of life underwater at the Florida Aquarium.

Take a look at these prices.

Busch Gardens – $89.99

Lowry Park Zoo – $34,95

Florida Aquarium – $28.95

Clearwater Marine Aquarium – $22.95

Museum of Science and Industry or Chihuly Collection – $12.95 and $19.95.

Primate World at Lowry Park Zoo is a must-see.

I visited Florida Aquarium, Busch Gardens and Lowry Park Zoo and those would’ve cost $153,89 if purchased separately. Once you plan to visit Busch Gardens and at least two other attractions, the Tampa Bay CityPASS is definitely worth the money.  You can purchase it online or at one of the partner attractions.

Busch Gardens is the largest of the attractions with a zoo, rollercoasters and thrill rides and live shows. I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the animals or take a lot of photos of them since I’d already seen so many at the Aquarium and Zoo. I also wasn’t particularly interested in the rides.  Basically,  I just wandered around with no plan in mind except to see the shows.


I watched Opening Night Critters,  Rock a Doo Wop and Turn It Up Ice Skating Show and they were fantastic! I especially enjoyed Opening Night Critters which featured some very well trained animals of several species. You can get details on all the shows here.

I only had three days in Tampa but if I had a longer time, I would’ve at least taken in the Chihuly Collection as well.

I’ll do separate posts with some photos from the attractions so you can look out for them.

In the meantime, let me know: have you ever bought a multi-attraction pass? Did you think it was worth it? Drop a line below. Also, follow Passportfrom246 on Instagram for lots more snaps.

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