A Photo Safari Through Lowry Park Zoo

Did you know that giraffes give birth standing up? That’s right! A baby giraffe enters the world by dropping about five feet to the ground.  I’ve always been fascinated by the sight of giraffes but I had no idea about that little fact until I visited Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa. I just knew I wanted the opportunity to get close to one of these creatures.

Lowry Park Zoo was one of the attractions I visited in March. (I also visited the Florida Aquarium.) If you’re an animal lover, I would say it’s worth a visit. The zoo is a manageable size so you can see everything without rushing through or ending the day with your feet hurting.

There are also a number of add-ons and up-close encounters you can choose from if viewing the general exhibits isn’t enough for you. I was especially excited about seeing the animals in Safari Africa and the giraffe feeding was the only add-on I chose. However, there are also opportunities to get close encounters with penguins, rhinos and elephants, among others.

Here’s some of what I saw.













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