A Review of NYAH, Key West

If you’ve ever looked at the cost of accommodation in Key West, Florida, you’ll know hotels and Airbnbs are not cheap. That’s why I booked two nights at NYAH during my last trip. NYAH stands for Not Your Average Hotel. It is built around the concept of “building your own room” or choosing the number of beds you want in the room.

It is basically for groups of friends travelling together or solo travellers looking for a hostel-like room. Whether there are two, four or six in a group, NYAH can configure a room to hold everyone. The cost of the room doesn’t go up based on the number occupants.

I was travelling alone so I booked a bed in a shared room.  With that explanation out of the way, let’s get into my review.


Key West in 7.24 square miles so let’s just say at the outset that nowhere is far and you can walk pretty much anywhere. However, NYAH’s location on Margaret Street is quite convenient to the main strip of Duval Street and the popular sunset celebration at Mallory Square. You’re close to the action but on a quiet street. The popular Date & Thyme Organic Cafe and Market is also right next door.

NYAH, mallory square, key west


I booked a bed in a four-bed female-only room. I actually ended up staying in two rooms at NYAH. (I’ll explain why in the service section). I was impressed with the first room I got. The rooms have full sized-lockers for each occupant and they are opened with your room’s keycard. They have shelves and rods with hangers so you don’t have to leave your clothes in your suitcase. Depending on the size of your luggage, that can also fit into the locker. I liked the electronic key since padlocks always seem a little less than sophisticated. There’s also additional shelving in the room.

The bathroom was adequate and shampoo and body wash were provided in dispensers. There was a full-length mirror as well. Thank God because I hate to have to guess how I look!

The second room’s bathroom had a little more wear and tear but everything else was pretty much the same. This room had a lovely wraparound balcony which was lovely until it rained.

Both rooms had charging stations for each bed.


NYAH provides complimentary breakfast each morning consisting of various pastries, toast and jams, hard-boiled eggs, cereal and juice.  This was fine for a couple mornings but if  I was staying longer, I wouldv’e opted to eat elsewhere. Complimentary tea and Starbucks coffee are available 24/7 in the lobby area. That was a win for me!

NYAH has three pools as well as jacuzzis which are open from dawn until 9 p.m. They were often in use but never crowded.  Pool towels are placed on the chairs each morning.

Now let’s talk Wi-Fi. It’s free but I found it dropped out a little too much. Now Key West isn’t the place you go to stay inside and work but I wasn’t really on vacation. I still had work to do! I found quiet common areas which were perfect for getting some work done but the connectivity issues were frustrating.

There is also a computer station in the lobby in case you didn’t bring your own devices. I didn’t use it so I can’t speak about how it worked.


Check-in was quick and easy. I was given the key to my room, a map with its location and printed details on breakfast times and amenities. The one encounter I had with housekeeping was routine enough so no issues there,

Now on to why I ended up in two rooms. On my second day, I was sitting in my room when a guy walked in and announced he would be my roommate. What? I knew I booked a female-only dorm so I went down to reception to inquire.

The staff member on duty checked the computer and told me it was an error and the guy shouldn’t have been placed in that room. He later informed me there had been a mix-up and it would be easier if I moved.  It was a tad inconvenient to have to pack up my things in a hurry but the NYAH staff member did help me with my luggage.

Would I return?

Yes. Overall, I found NYAH to be a lovely property in an excellent location with budget-friendly accommodation. When the issue arose with the room, it was quickly rectified. That’s all you can ask for in my books.

If there’s something else about NYAH that you want to know, feel free to drop a question in the comments!

*I also spent two nights at The Casablanca Hotel so check that out as well.

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  1. Looks like a really nice hostel. What was the price range at here compared to the other places you mention in the beginning as “not cheap”? Just interested to know as I have yet to visit the US and have absolutely no concept of what average pricing for a hostel would be. 🙂


    1. Natasha Beckles says:

      Hey. As a comparison, I paid US$280 plus $35 in taxes at Casablanca hotel for two nights. My two nights at NYAH cost about just over US$100. From my research, Casablanca’s rates were around or just below the other properties. You can find hostels that are cheaper in other parts of the US though. Keep in mind that the time of year you visit and how far in advance you book will make a difference. Hope this helps! 😀


  2. Win Shi Wong says:

    Your post has changed my impressions about Key West completely! And I love staying in hostel as well! Putting back Key West to my must-visit list! 🙂


    1. Natasha Beckles says:

      Key West is what you make it. If you want to party every night you can but you can also just visit attractions, wander around and relax.


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